Calling All Paws
Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services

They'll never know you're gone

Sometimes you need someone to care as much as you 

  1. Meet and Greet
    A Meet and Greet is set up so that both you and your pets have an opportunity to meet me in advance. I always meet the animals before I take care of them to make sure they know who I am. I believe it is less stressful for the animals to meet the person who will be caring for them before the actual service. There is never a charge for this as I think it benefits everyone involved.
  2. Dog Walking
    20-30 Min. Individual Walk $20.00 10-15 Min.Potty Break $15.00 Extended walks can be arranged based upon time and distance.
  3. Pet Sitting Services
    Regular Visit (20-30 minutes) $20.00 Potty Break (10-15minutes) $15.00 This is a good choice for a mid day break to check on water and let out in between two regular visits especially if you have a very young dog or a senior who cannot wait as long between visits. It can also be good for that last out before bedtime. Extended Visit (45 minutes) $35.00 Hour Visit $38.00
  4. Pet Taxi/Transport
    Currently, this is a service available to established Calling All Paws Clients only. Pick up and/or drop off to/from groomer or vet visit. $20.00 under 9 miles
  5. Important Information
    All rates are based on a 9 mile radius. Over 9 miles there is a fee of .75/mile. $30 Charge for all Returned Checks. Prices subject to change. Payment is due at the start of the service.
  6. Forms and Documents
    All Clients must have the necessary forms filled out and signed prior to the start of the service. A Service Request, Veterinary Release, Legal Considerations and Pet Profile are the necessary documents.