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My name is Anita Munoz and I established Calling All Paws in 2006. My goal is to provide a safe, happy and healthy option for people who are in need of pet care services. Spending time with animals is and always has been my heart's desire and a passion of mine.  I want people to feel confident with my services and be able to relax when their pets are in my care whether they are at the office, attending a family gathering or relaxing on the beach. Having someone who is dependable, trustworthy and has good instincts caring for your pets is something that I strive for. I pride myself on going above and beyond what is expected of me. I enjoy spending every day with the furry members of your family who are your faithful companions and for me it is an honor and a privilege to care for them.  We have a special bond and friendship that compares to no other. They are all considered extended members of my family.
I am have been married for over 30 years and have 3 amazing sons and a daughter in law. I have also just become a grandmother of identical twin baby girls. I currently have 2 beautiful German Shepherds. Sadie, her mother Darla.
I am a member of Pet Sitters International and am bonded and insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates. 
There are some excellent benefits to having a professional Pet Sitter:
** Your pets can remain in the comfort of their own home where it is familiar with the sights, sounds and smells.
**It reduces the added stress on the animal while you are away.
** They can stay on their regular routine of feeding times, exercise medications(when needed) and playtime.
** Your pets will avoid exposure to unwanted illnesses or "pests  from other animals.
** You won't have the added stress by making extra trips to drop off and pick up your pet.
** You won't have to worry if you are not back when expected.
** Your home will look occupied.
* * You will have confidence knowing that your pets are well cared for by an insured care taker.
** Fees are based on visits not pets, so all your pets will be cared for
Winter can bring different challenges when it comes to weather and travel. These protocols should be in place for any winter pet sitting for the safety and well being of your pets and pet sitter.
Winter can bring some different challenges to pet sitting.  It is important to have some policies in place while you are away and I am taking care of your pets.  It is my hope that while you’re away and your pets are in my care, that everything goes perfectly and while there are many things that are in my control, the weather is something that is not.  So here are some important things that need to be addressed in the event of a snow storm, power outages, or weather related emergencies. etc.
In the Event of a snow storm, arrangements must be made prior to your trip to have the driveway and walkways cleared and sanded if necessary.   Also the location of sand, salt and shovel should be noted, so an area can be made for the dogs to go out safely.  The number of your snow removal person should be left handy in case I need to contact. 
Snow storms can make driving a bit more challenging with bad road conditions so I may be delayed either by waiting for a safer time to travel or slick road conditions causing very slow travel.  My goal is to arrive there safely so I can take care of the pets.  I would rather clean up an accident on the floor than one on the road.  If I cannot get in the driveway and have to leave my car in the road, the visit length of time will have to be reduced. Extra time can be made up at another visit when things are all clear if possible.  It is a good idea to have an emergency contact, perhaps a neighbor, who does not have to travel who may be able to go get the dogs out just in case a State of Emergency is issued and cars must stay off the roads.
If we lose power for any length of time, then arrangements may have to be made to bring the pets somewhere if there is no generator in place to at least keep the temperature in the house enough to keep the pets from freezing.   Please leave a contact number for this, just in case. Also the name of your Utility Company so I can call and get estimates of how long for the outage. Extra bedding and blankets can be helpful to at least allow for temporary comfort if an outage is minimal time but long enough to have the temperature drop in the house and bottled water should be kept on hand.  Always make sure there is plenty of food for your pets in the event you are delayed getting home.
While I will make every effort to get to your pets, there may be times when the roads are not passable, it’s too dangerous to drive or we’re in a state of emergency, a designated emergency contact (a neighbor is the best choice for this since travel may be dangerous) must be available to get to the animals in the event that I am not able to get there safely.

It is a good idea to take a look at a long range weather forecast just to plan ahead. I know they can barely predict the weather for the next day sometimes but it’s better to be prepared for that “what if they are right” scenario and we get that predicted blizzard.  Please fill out the following information so that it is handy and all in one place.

SNOW PLOW COMPANY_________________________________________________

UTILITY COMPANY______________________________________________________

EMERGENCY NEIGHBOR CONTACT_________________________________________
EMERGENCY CONTACT TO TAKE CARE OF PETS_______________________________


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